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Whoever said, short and sweet love stories don't exist anymore, only taking shape in fiction, theatres or one's imagination. Not Bumble, nor Tinder...but Twitter is where they bumped into each other. If not a big shot Hollywood studio then definitely Hallmark channel could totally steal this real-life little love story, starting with one honest tweet and a reckless reply.

1'o clock in the afternoon in the August of 2017 that The Bad Katie @KatieKatCubs posted a heartfelt tweet, "Asked the married guys at work where to meet single guys. Here's what they came up with.

1. Strip club
2. Any bar, anywhere at 1.30 am."

Terry Brown @TBrown took over upon himself to add another unlikely option to the list. "Twitter," he said. At the time little realising that it was to come true. "Literally the worst answer," she said, also at the time little realising that was the only and true answer for her. An Obama GIF by Terry followed. Three years later, he put a ring and she smiled.

As heartfelt as the post have been the positive reactions. While a lot of singles wondered if they were on the wrong Twitter, few more cross checked, if he actually meant Twitter and not Tinder. Several others came forward with their love stories.

"I met my husband on Bumble the first night I was on. You never know when it will happen," posted Leo F@frankenpuppy.

Someone met a bar man while holidaying, while another ended up marrying their mailman, making the rest complain of their mailmen in the looks department. Shares Tara Daley, "So are you saying the key to me finding a man is looking in Twitter? No wonder I'm still single. Haven't looked on here at all lol."

Sometimes, a happy post and positive thread is all you need to save the day.