BauBax 2.0 travel jacket
BauBax 2.0 travel jacketKickstarter/BauBax

Everyone loves traveling but making sure you've got all your gears necessary for that long-haul flight can be tiresome. How often have your left your neck pillow, your headphones or something that can be useful during your travels? If that happens a lot, a startup on Kickstarter is selling a multi-purpose travel jacket that every traveler must have.

BauBax LLC is a start-up by entrepreneurs Hiral Sanghavi and Yoganshi Shah based out of Seattle and has earned a lot of fame through the self-claimed "world's best travel jacket" called BauBax. In more ways than one, most travelers will agree with that tagline.

Following the success of the original BauBax travel jacket, which raised a whopping $11.5 million on Kickstarter to become the most funded apparel in the crowd-funding history, the start-up is back with a second iteration and it's already soaring success.

Since its launch in February, the Kickstarter campaign for BauBax 2.0 has already crossed 23 times its pledged goal of $50,000. As of this writing, the total funding received for the project stands at $1,157,713. Interested folks can pledge $129 or more and get 1 sweatshirt or windbreaker, $139 for a vest or a bomber jacket. There's an early bird offer if you hurry that gives 2 BauBax 2.0 jackets of your choice for $219 or get 3 for $329. Check the Kickstarter page for complete details on latest offers.

BauBax 2.0 travel jacket
BauBax 2.0 travel jacketKickstarter/BauBax

BauBax 2.0 is an all-in-one jacket and a savior for all those travelers who fly in and out of countries on a regular basis. There are a total of 25 features in a single jacket, and each one is relevant when you are on a flight, train, or even metro. Take a look at all the features below:

Neck pillow – Uses proprietary valve technology for 2-second inflation and one press deflation

Eye mask – Pull it down the hood

Gloves – Pull them out of the sleeves

Travel footrest – Travel footrest with quick inflation and one press deflation

Travel blanket – Neatly tucked inside one of the pockets of the jacket.

Travel bottle – Store water in a foldable travel bottle and easily store in the jacket pocket

Earplugs – Noise reducing earplugs come with the jacket

Apple Pencil pocket – Have an Apple Pencil? No problem. Store it safely in the dedicated pocket

AirPods pocket – A dedicated pocket for your AirPods so you don't lose them

AirPods straps – Safely secure your AirPods with the strap that wraps around your neck

Power bank pocket

Sunglass pocket

Microfiber cloth

Passport pocket

Tablet pocket – Fits 7.9-inch and 10.5-inch iPads

BauBax 2.0 travel jacket
BauBax 2.0 travel jacketKickstarter/BauBax

Retractable keychain – You won't have to lose your keys again

Bottle opener cum whistle

Drink pocket – Don't spill over your coke

Phone pocket

Wired earphone holder – Loops to keep those earphones in place

Pen cum stylus in a zipper

Hand warming pocket

Secret pocket – To store all your credit cards and cash

Detachable hood

BauBax comes in four styles – vest, windbreaker, bomber jacket style and classic sweatshirt – for both men and women. The sizing chart and color options shown on the Kickstarter page can help you get your perfect fit. These jackets can be shipped anywhere in the world, including India, starting August.