Refugee camps in Calais, FranceReuters

With refugee crisis worsening in several parts of the world, displaced families continue to cross borders in search of livelihood and a better life in general. While many succeed, a refugee in France, attempting to cross over into the UK, lost both his legs when he was hit by a train.

Aram Sabah Xalid was hit by the train near Dunkirk and the mishap injured both his legs. He was taken to the hospital, but the injury was so severe that both his legs had to be amputated, according to the Independent.

Xalid from Afghanistan was reportedly living in refugee camps in Dunkirk with his wife and worked as a chef in these camps. He had earlier applied for asylum in France, but the 26-year-old decided to cross over to the UK when he was denied asylum.

Friends of Xalid, who spoke to the Independent, described him as a "kind and humble" person. They also revealed that they now plan to get him prosthetic legs and have been seeking help in France for the same.

The incident comes just a few weeks after a 15-year-old refugee was run over by a truck in France. Speaking of these incidents and how people have been facing a tough time, Annie Gavrilescu, of Help Refugees, told The Independent that refugees have been resorting to "irrational and dangerous" ways in a bid to make things better for themselves.

"The living conditions in which people are living are so awful that they're putting themselves in a lot of danger just trying to get out," she said. "It's been really miserable, particularly with the cold, the snow and the rain, and refugees are facing so much hostility from everyone here.

"There is a significant amount of refugees who are applying to stay in France but they can't get accommodation for the three months it takes for their applications to go through."

France has of late seen a surge in the number of refugees and several of them are lodged in the port city of Calais. A few days ago French President Emmanuel Macron had said that there will not be another refugee camp in Calais and revealed that no refugee would be allowed to enter the country. And now France has signed an agreement with the UK under which the migrants in Calais will be sent to Britain through fast-tracked applications.

While adult migrants' applications will be processed in a month, children will be able to know the status of their applications in 25 days.