Arjun Das, known for his captivating deep voice in movies, has gained recognition through his consistent performances in Tamil film. His journey to fame began with Kaithi, and he continued to shine in films like Master and Andhagaaram, earning acclaim from the Tollywood audience as well. He recently ventured into Telugu cinema with "Butta Bomma" and is now part of Pawan Kalyan's upcoming movie OG.

OG - Pawan Kalyan

OG, directed by Sujeeth, also features Priyanka Mohan and is produced by DVV Danayya of DVV Entertainment, the same production company behind RRR. Arjun Das has started filming for his scenes in the third schedule of OG in Hyderabad. The team officially confirmed his involvement in the film a few days back and Arjun Das expressed his excitement about this special opportunity.

Amidst growing anticipation for the OG film, there's buzz that the upcoming OG teaser might feature Arjun Das lending his voice. Speculations are rife about the actor's potential involvement in narrating the teaser, adding an intriguing layer of excitement for fans eagerly awaiting the film. Already, fans of Pawan Kalyan are eagerly awaiting the teaser release of OG. The anticipation stems from not just the star power that Pawan Kalyan brings to the screen, but also the promise of a stylish and captivating portrayal by the actor. As speculations and excitement mount, it's clear that "OG" is poised to showcase a new dimension of Pawan Kalyan's talent, leaving fans intrigued and counting down the days until the teaser drops.

Arjun Das

The music for OG is composed by S Thaman, with Ravi K Chandran as the cinematographer and AS Prakash as the art director. The film is rumored to be a gangster saga, and Pawan Kalyan has allocated 30 days for shooting, as reported. Meanwhile, this film is expected to release in cinemas in 2024.