E-commerce giant Amazon has launched a new creative compact gadget dubbed Echo Connect that makes the Echo speaker series make voice calls.

Previously, Echo speaker owners could only talk to loved ones who had similar Amazon-branded model devices; it was more like an intercom at best, but with the new Echo Connect, they can now make call to anybody and anywhere in the world at any time of the day including emergency 911 calls, inter-state STD or international ISD calls (carrier charges may apply), try calling Pizza shop for delivery and more.

How to use Amazon Echo Connect to make calls via Echo speakers?

Amazon Echo Connect comes with a cost-effective price-tag of $34.99 (approx. €29.62/Rs. 2,284) and has to be linked to the home landline and also the owner needs to have Amazon Echo app on his/her smartphone.

Amazon, Echo Connect, feature, how to make calls on Amazon Echo smart speakers
THIS portable Amazon Echo Connect gadget can help you make call to anybody on Echo smartspeaker; here's how to get startedAmazon.com (screen-shot)

Once the Amazon Echo Connect is attached to the landline and synced with home Wi-Fi and the Amazon Echo speaker, users can just call any name from the contact list on their phone and once connected start talking even the person on the other side does not own any Amazon Echo speaker.

However, only the qualm is that users can't send SMS on Echo Connect. Texting feature is expected to be included possibly via a software update in near future.

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