Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date: Sources Hint At August Release; How Does It Affect Apple?
Samsung Getting Ahead Of Apple By Launching Galaxy Note 5 In August: ReportYouTube Screenshot

Even as the actual release of Samsung's latest Note phablet is just months away, tech enthusiasts have predicted the looks of the 2015 Galaxy Note flagship. We have heard a lot about the Galaxy Note 5, from specs, features to design concept and release date; but little is known about an Edge variant of the upcoming handset. We may not be entirely sure if Samsung will release Galaxy Note 5 Edge, yet here is an impressive design concept showing a promising outcome.

The Galaxy Note 5 Edge concept video was released by GdgtCompare on YouTube, and is a mere prediction of what is expected from the Korean tech giant's device. Succeeding the Galaxy Note Edge, the Note 5 Edge will feature a dual-curved display like Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge. At first glance, the handset shown in the video looks almost identical to the current S6 Edge, but there are some differences exclusive to the Note series.

The S-Pen has taken the usual bottom spot alongside the micro USB charging slot. The sides and the rear panel as shown in the video looks exactly like the Galaxy S6 Edge, which is quite impressive given how well the current flagship's design was accepted by consumers and critics.

Besides, the Galaxy Note 5 Edge is likely to feature a display as big as the Galaxy Note 5, which is going to be released in September. Rumours suggested that the Galaxy Note 5 Edge will sport a 5.7-inch screen with an impressive 4K display. The Galaxy Note 5 is said to run on Samsung's homegrown Exynos 7420 14nm chipset, which is likely to be powering the Edge variant too. The camera is said to have a 20MP sensor and a 4,100mAh battery will keep the handset running for long hours.

There is no concrete evidence to support the leaked specs and concepts so take them with a healthy dose of salt. Samsung may or may not release the Edge variant, but will know for sure in September when the company is finally planning to unveil the next Galaxy Note handset.