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Tamil actress Nivetha Pethuraj, famous for movies like Sangathamizhan and Oru Naal Koothu, used her X account to clarify false reports. The rumors suggested a politician was spending a lot on her, including buying her a house in Dubai for a significant sum. Nivetha stated that these reports are untrue and emphasized that she has been financially independent since a young age.

Nivetha addressed the issue on her X account, expressing her frustration with false reports. In her statement, she shared, "Recently, there has been untrue news about extravagant spending on me. I stayed silent, hoping people would verify information before tarnishing a girl's life. My family and I have been stressed due to this. Please consider the impact before spreading such misinformation."

Nivetha further explained her background, emphasizing her integrity in the industry. She shared, "I come from a respectable family, financially independent since age 16, and my family has been in Dubai for over 20 years. In my film career, I've never asked for roles or opportunities; I've done over 20 films, all based on merit. I've never been driven by greed for work or money."


Denying the recent news reports, Nivetha asserted, "I can assure you that none of the information circulating about me is accurate. We have been living in a rented house in Dubai since 2002. Racing has been my passion since 2013, and I was unaware of the races happening in Chennai."

Nivetha humbly stated, "I'm not as significant as it may seem. My life is quite simple. After overcoming many challenges, I'm now in a good place mentally and emotionally. I aim to maintain a dignified and peaceful life, just like any woman in your family would desire."

Nivetha clarified that she won't be pursuing legal action, expressing her belief in the humanity within journalism. She stated, "I choose not to take legal action, hoping there's still humanity in journalism. I urge journalists to verify information before tarnishing a family's reputation and causing further distress. Grateful for those who supported me. May the truth prevail," she concluded.

The actress has done a good number of films in Telugu as well, and she has acted with Allu Arjun in Ala Vaikunthapurramulo.