It was reported that Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan would not have any scene together in the movie "Udta Punjab". However, latest reports suggest there will be a scene in the film in which the two will be seen together.

According to a report in Spotboye, the makers of "Udta Punjab" have included a scene in the movie in which Shahid and Kareena will appear together, but the two stars have shot for the scene at different times. It is a vital scene, but considering that Shahid and his ex-girlfriend are not comfortable shooting the scene together, the two stars suggested that the scene be shot separately and merged during editing.

"Both Bebo and Shahid asked Abhishek if there was a way to shoot it separately and merge it seamlessly during the edit," the report quoted a source as saying. The report also said Abhishek liked the idea and went forward with it.

"When you see the scene, it will appear as if Shahid and Kareena were physcally together while filming, even though that wasn't the case," the source added. Shahid and Kareena were last seen together in the movie "Milenge Milenge", which was completed before their break-up but released after it. "Udta Punjab" also features Alia Bhatt, and focuses on the drug menace in Punjab.