Joel Marion
Joel MarionPR Handout

Along his friend Josh Bezoni, Joel Marion started a company called BioTrust, through which he is not only helping people to have fitness and healthy lifestyle, but also doing several charity works.

A journey towards change is a journey that is worthwhile. And the journey that begins with the hope to help the ones in need is sure to reach a fulfilling destination. There are examples of people and companies that have risen from nothing to millions, simply by their undaunted willingness to help people globally.

BioTrust is such a company. One of the leading health and nutrition organizations in the world, it was founded by two friends- Joel Marion and Josh Bezoni. The two friends developed their brainchild to be able to help the ones in need. However, as life moved on, so did they, leaving behind their dream of serving people.

Then, years away from when they first started off, came a day when both the friends questioned their decision. This was when Josh's uncle had expired prematurely. This was the turning point of their lives as they both acknowledged the fear they had about the health of their families. This made them produce organic products for their families.

The positive aspect of their products became evident in their loved ones, who were using them. Thus, the duo decided to share their formulae with the world to help them stay healthy and then started the company that was to help millions in the future.

This is how the journey of Marion and Bezoni started all over again. Soon enough, their hard work paid off. In the first, proper business year of BioTrust, the company had sold over one million products!

"With great success comes great responsibility. It is challenging work, but we are living the American Dream, and our passion to help others fuels our efforts."-Joel Marion

However, this was not enough for the power duo. They had to find other ways of helping others. They collaborated with No Kid Hungry Campaign, where they provided a meal to a hungry kid against every product they sold. They soon collaborated with Make-A-Wish to fulfill the wishes of kids with chronic diseases. They also built schools in partnership with and Pencils of Promise.

Apart from helping people around the world, Joel hosts one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes- 'Born to Impact.' He has written extensive articles about keeping healthy. He has been a best-selling author five times and has appeared on television networks such as NBC, CBS, and ABC. Marion has also been featured in magazines like Men's Fitness, MuscleMag International, Woman's Day, Clean Eating, besides other reputed journals.

The BioTrust Team is currently invested in adding new products to their catalogues. Their product suggestions comes mainly from its customers through their podcasts. Customers suggest what they require and the company renders it to the best of their abilities. Their products are spread along with four categories: protein products, anti-aging products, digestive health products, and products for healthy living. The team is continuously expanding these categories and bringing to the people what they need the most.