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A 26-year-old health blogger ended up eating a poisonous plant thinking that it was aloe vera while streaming live.

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Aloe vera is believed to benefit your health when eaten raw. Zhang went live on the internet holding two big leaves which looked similar to aloe vera leaves.

She can be seen taking big bites of the leaves in the video titled 'Aloe Vera Feast', she was actually eating a plant called Agave Americana, also known as American aloe, which is a native of Mexico venomous and contains irritants.

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The naive blogger was live streaming while taking the first bite, she said "This is great!" she then says "Oh, that tastes bitter. Really bitter," reported.

Zhang's mouth became numb on eating the poisonous Agave Americana and she had a burning sensation in her throat. She was rushed to a hospital where it was found that she had rashes and blisters in her mouth, the doctors pumped her stomach to remove the strains of the poisonous leaves she had. According to reports, her condition is currently stable.