Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi after he won the general elections last year.Twitter/ Narendra Modi

This day last year, the verdict of the biggest election in the history of India was out - Narendra Modi was declared the new Prime Minister of India. 

Modi completed one year of coming to power on Saturday; he was voted to power on 16 May last year with a stellar mandate, toppling the ten-year rule of the UPA government. 

Even as reams of analysis have been written about Modi's one year as a Prime Minister, many Twitterati took to celebrating the day as #NamoVictoryDay, while there were those who tweeted with the more critical hashtag #JumlaDiwas, complaining that there have been no Acche Din yet. 

Modi himself tweeted photos of his post-victory celebrations from last year. 

"16 May...this day last year.. great memories," Modi tweeted. 

"The people's faith in Government has increased & the world's optimism about India & our growth is at an all-time high. I bow to my sisters & brothers of India & congratulate them (perhaps even more) on this memorable day," he tweeted. 

Here's what Twitterati said -