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Call it taking sponsorship in sports to a whole new level or giving the beautiful game of football an embarrassing look, but a local Brazilian club is shocking football lovers around the world with their bizarre gesture of replacing the kit numbers and players' names on the back of their jerseys by revealing the prices of shampoos and pizzas.

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Fluminense de Feira, based in Feira de Santana, located in the Brazilian state of Bahia, definitely is at the centre of attraction and the news at the moment.

The fourth-tier Brazilian football side look nothing but desperate for financial backing and we can all but feel bad for the ordeal the players are going through. Grocery items of local shops have taken the place of players names and their kit numbers.

One of the images taken from their matches showcase one of Fluminense's star players Fernando Sobral displaying the price of a frozen pizza as 10 Brazilian reals and 98 centavos.

From Shampoo Palmolive to fuzzy drinks and foams, the images have generated a lot of reaction on social media with certain users calling it a clever marketing strategy, and others labelling it as a complete insult to football.