Vir Das

In today's day and age, social media "followers" define how popular — or unpopular — you are. And this gets serious when it comes to celebrities.

One such celebrity is Vir Das, who has 7.25 million Twitter followers. And one fan seems to be curious about how he has so many! He asked: "u have 7.2 m followers? kitne me kharida bhai? (How much did you buy them for?)"

Vir Das gave a quirky and funny reply: "Sir. Kharide nahin. Sexual favours se mile Hain. Bahut stamina hai. Aap bhi try karo. Do ya teen followers to mil hi jayenge aapko......char saal me [sic]"

Translation: "Sir, (I) didn't buy them. Got them in return for sexual favours. I have a lot of stamina. Try it out yourself. You'll get two-three followers... in four years."

Vir Das

Only he can come up with such on-the-spot humor!

His next tweet after replying to the troll read: "Comedians: Tu toh Bollywood hai. Bollywood: Tu toh comedian hai. Musicians: Tu toh comedian aur Bollywood hai. Extended Family: exactly what is it you do for a living? Me: (straight face) [sic]"

Vir Das is the first Indian comic to bag a Netflix special (Abroad Understanding), and 2017 saw him go on a world tour (33 countries on six continents) showcasing his stand-up skills.

And now, in 2018, he is busy taking his new show, Boarding Das — a two-hour-long special — to cities in India.

He told a leading daily: "It's brand new content that has been tried, tested and tweaked before being served to the Indian audience. I've never performed in these cities — Chennai, Vapi, Surat, Vadodara, Patna... But we're adding a whole new tier of places, and the response has been amazing. They are an intelligent, liberal and progressive audience, who know how to enjoy a show. And it can be surprising just how naughty some of them can get."