Working alongside an established actor can be intimidating. Alia Bhatt, who has delivered some strong performances in her 4-year-old career, found herself overwhelmed on the sets of Gauri Shinde's Dear Zindagi while working on a scene with Shah Rukh Khan.

Alia forgot her lines and broke down. But the gentleman that SRK is, he took her to a quiet corner and gave her some time to calm her nerves, DNA reported. Had it not been for the superstar, the situation could have spiraled out of control.

What do we know about Dear Zindagi?

All that we know about the film is its star cast — SRK, Alia, Ali Zafar, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Angad Bedi, Kunal Kapoor — and the fact that it is a slice-of-film, in which Shah Rukh plays Alia's life coach and helps her understand life's many emotions with a renewed perspective.

Contrary to what was being reported, SRK has a full-fledged role in Dear Zindagi. In fact, he is so integral to the script that if his character is taken off the story arc then there will probably be no Dear Zindagi. Apparently, he has a 30-minute role in it.

Scheduled to release on November 25, Dear Zindagi is Alia's first film with Shah Rukh and she is extremely thrilled about having gotten an opportunity to act with him.

"It was absolutely amazing (experience of working with Shah Rukh). It was such a beautiful experience to work with him. He is so professional. I admire him as a worker so much because he is so good to work with and be around on the sets," she said.