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Amsterdam is a city known for its numerous museums that proclaim the legacy of Europe. However, there is another side of the city where sex toy shops and brothels can be found in abundance. Adding up to this lineup is a 5D porn cinema hall which will give a new experience to X-rated movie lovers.

The 5D porn cinema hall was opened in the city recently, and the organizers believe that it will revolutionize the way in which people watch adult movies. The cinema hall promises an immersive viewing experience to the audience, and they can easily stimulate all their five senses using bouncing chairs, air, wind and water jets.

Natalie, owner of the 5D porn cinema hall assured that this theater is not just meant for watching movies, instead, couples can spend some quality time together, as if they are in an adventurous amusement park.

In a recent interaction with Dutch Review, Natalie opened up about various details of this innovative porn cinema hall. During the talk, Natalie revealed that there is only one 3D enabled screen in the hall, where 18 people can watch the movie.

"We are definitely not just going after tourists for our audience, it's funny because in Amsterdam even the Dutch people have an interest in breaking free from the norm. Come with your wife, have a laugh, try something different. Lots of things happen so fast when you're in the audience that when it's finally all over you're left energized. You want to get back out there, have a beer or a coffee and talk, process what just happened," said Natalie during the interview.

Natalie also added that making porn films is a bit expensive, and as a result, only a few films are being included in the line up now.

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