Jiiva and Nayanthara's much-awaited "Thirunaal" hit the screens on Friday, Aug. 5. It is an action movie written and directed by PS Ramnatha and produced by M Senthil Kumar. Meenakshi, Sharath Lohitashwa, Gobinath, Karunas, Joe Malloori, VIS Jayapalan and others play pivotal roles in the Tamil film, which features Srikanth Deva's music, Mahesh Muthuswami's cinematography and VT Vijayan's editing.

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Jiiva, who has been part of back-to-back flops in the recent years, is hoping to return to good form with "Thirunaal," which has managed to generate a lot of curiosity with its trailer and other promotional material. Nayanthara, who has delivered a series of hits, is wishing to continue her dream run with the latest movie. This is her second film with the hero, after "E."

"Thirunaal" tells the story of a local rowdy character named Blade (Jiiva), who tries to change himself after falling in love with a kindergarten teacher, played by Nayanthara. The issues that the hero faces once he changes his ways forms the crux of the story. The film, which is shot in Thanjavur and Kumbakonam, delivers the message that one cannot survive by indulging in criminal activities.

Viewers have pinned high hopes on the film. Has "Thirunaal" lived up to their expectations? Find out below:

Prashanth: #Thirunaal interval - Okayish so far . Will cater rural audience . Munish kanth Ramadoss character is a laugh riot .

Sree Nandhu: I have Fully Satisfied after Watching #Thirunaal Complete Worth @Actorjiiva and @NayantharaU Pairs Workouts Well! love sentiment Action
#Thirunaal @Actorjiiva Executed His Action Performance Well ! @NayantharaU Humours senses Pair with Old Lady I have laughed continuously

AN Vijay Karthick: Mediocre rural drama that entertains here and there.#Thirunaal
Full house @ Udhayam. Screams weneva Nayan is on-screen. WHOLE theatre goes crazy for 'palayasoru' song.. Didn't expected this. #Thirunaal

Kaushik (LMK): #Thirunaal - Lead pair @Actorjiiva #Nayanthara & the songs are plus points. Has a closing msg against violence. Made for the B,C centers.
#Thirunaal -Regular drama about a young rowdy who takes on his leader & gang to lead a reformed life with his lover. May work in rural areas

Shankar Ganesh: #Thirunaal movie begins...
Jiiva has tried hard for image makeover. #Thirunaal
#Thirunaal turns out to be an average film.
Jeeva and Nayanthara's part works in #Thirunaal
Mainly targeted at rural audience #Thirunaal

Ramesh_jk: Jiiva looks stunningly, showing maturity. #Thirunaal 

Ramesh Bala: #Thirunaal [2.5/5]: A local rowdy reforms himself and goes against his Mentor for his lady love.. Set in Kumbakonam - semi-urban backdrop..
#Thirunaal [2.5/5]: @Actorjiiva has a good role and excels well as the mean rowdy.. #Nayanthara is good.. But not a meaty role for her..
#Thirunaal [2.5/5]: Dir #Ramnath could have made the screenplay more interesting and racy.. The movie is slow and predictable..