Marijuana has been blamed as the most common reason for school expulsions
Marijuana has been blamed as the most common reason for school expulsions/Reuters FileReuters

An elementary school in California has become the subject of global attention, after three third graders of the institution were caught smoking marijuana in the school. The parents, teachers and even students are still in shock, following the incident.

Earlier last week, the three students of the Sonora elementary school were caught smoking marijuana in the school's toilet. The students are between the ages of eight and nine.

Alarmed by the incident, the school authorities are now planning to conduct frequent checks in classes, to avoid such incidents in the future.

The police, however, are more baffled as they still are trying to piece together how the children got hold of the weed and the smoking pipes. The incident came to light after one student noticed the three in the lavatory and informed the school administrators. The school then informed the matter to the local Sonora police.

The three children were taken into custody by the police and were released to their parents on 27 February.

Sonora Police Chief Mark Stinson stated that the police were investigating whether someone supplied the drug to the kids.

The incident has rattled many parents, who are now demanding that the three students be expelled. "I'm shocked. To be in third grade and have their own pipe," parent Linda Rodriguez told KTXL-TV, reported CBS Local, "I think they should be expelled, but I also think they [police] should follow it further to where they found the drugs."

The issue of young students smoking up pot has been worrying many in the country. There was much concern raised, especially after the International Journal of Drug Policy commenting on the legalization of marijuana stated that the pot use among US school students is likely to increase, once the drug becomes legally available.

Affirming the fears, a report on school expulsions across Colorado noted that during 2012-13, 720 students were expelled from public schools for marijuana smoking and possession. The report also noted that schools identify marijuana as the top reason for student expulsions.