Senior actress Vijayashanthi is facing camera after 13 long years, making a comeback with Mahesh Babu and Anil Ravipudi's Sarileru Nekevaru. The senior actress is said to be playing a professor in the film and has shot some major scenes in the first schedule and is all set to begin shooting for the second schedule of the film. All her fans and former colleagues from the film industry are looking forward to seeing her on the big screen.

For the last couple of years, #MeToo movement has become one of the most talked about topics almost everywhere and it all began with the film industry. Talking about the same issue in the recent interview she has given to a leading news portal, Vijayashanti said things were different back then.

"People were very disciplined and professional then. We were so busy then that there so was no time for things like that. We all were like one big family. All these things what we listen now are new to us. Work and go home- this was our mantra," said the actress.

Sarileru Nekevaru

Talking about how the heroines now have become very outspoken and how the movement had become a storm everywhere, Vijayashanthi feels that social media has played a big role. She says the way women are being harassed on social media is appalling and the abusive language that is used is so dirty and unbelievable.

"Someone has to monitor this social media activity. People can't write whatever they want and get away that. Just like how we have censor for films and TV, there should be one for social media too," she added.

Also, the Lady Amitabh says that all professions are facing the problem and not just the film industry. Bigwigs generally ignore such things. Nobody can take into their hands, but someone has to punish them. "There are so many committees to take action on these things but nothing will happen unless the government decided to take action," said the actress.