Bushra Boumehdi
Bushra Boumehdi

Style is not about how you look good in something you wear, It is about the way you are happy carrying your own fashion statements.

We all are quite fascinated by the styles and fashion trends. To my perspective, it is the fashion models or the fashion bloggers who influence the people for setting the benchmarks in the fashion industry.

Bushra Boumehdi, is one of those marvellous fashion bloggers who empowers and influences the reader with her fashion style and great blog content. A fashion lover, from Morocco and at present residing in Abu Dhabi is a passionate blogger, an actress with the love for art and fashion who travels across the globe and explores the culture, fashion, music and cuisine of the places that she visits.

Bushra Boumehdi, had worked with some famous photographers. On Instagram (just1bebo) . She always talks about her experiences and always suggest and advise her fans about what's best for them when it comes to fashion.

A person full of enthusiasm who loves exploring the brands and unveiling the products of that brand in a unique style that catches the eye of the viewers. With a strong belief and firm determination.

She has managed to inspire the people in embracing them first before anything. Prevailing self-love, and being comfortable in your skin and laugh along the way is what she wants to spread through her writings.

From fashion to movie producing and becoming a producer. She also started her production company "RedFilms" in Abu Dhabi.