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Do-it-yourself (DIY) health tests are becoming increasingly popular due to expensive doctor appointments, busy lifestyle, and embarrassing health issues.

Dr Brad McKay, an Australian doctor, TV personality and author, says that there are several health tests that can be easily done at home and diagnose everything from dementia to blocked arteries, Daily Mail reported.

"One of the tests that we'll often do in the clinic is asking our patients to draw a clock face and label it all with the numbers in the right places and also make sure that you're getting the arms right, the hands of the clock to point to 3.40," Dr Brad McKay said.

A person taking the test is awarded one point for a closed circle, one point for placing the numbers in the correct place and another point for writing all twelve numbers. And the final point is given if the hands of the clock are in the right place.

People who get less than three points in the above test should see their doctor, McKay stated.

To test for blocked arteries, the Australian doctor advised to lie down on the bed on your back and prop your legs up at 45 degrees for one minute. After dropping the leg, one should take a note of the colour, if it turned pale or white, it is a sign of blockage.

"What you're looking for is peripheral arterial disease [a common circulatory problem] so seeing how long it takes for the blood flow to get up to your legs and if it's struggling," Brad McKay mentioned.

Also, you can do a simple test for thyroid disorder. You need to put your arms straight out in front of you and place a sheet of paper on the back of your palms. If you see a tremor, it could be a sign of thyroid disorder.