Hubble Space Telescope
NASA released a Hubble Space telescope image of Carina Nebula.Reuters

According to reports, scientists at NASA plan to present some of the newest findings on Jupiter's ocean-harbouring moon Europa on September 26, Monday. The fresh set of observations is being billed as one of the best shots (of recent times) at discovering alien life in the solar system and helping them (with photos) in this project is the Hubble Space Telescope that was launched into Earth's lowest orbit over two decades ago.

Over the years, the Hubble has witnessed and captured the unreal ways in which the universe functions. As night falls, all our naked eyes can catch are clusters of stars and the big bright moon, that too when the skies are clear. Below are evocative images of some of the artistically beautiful galactic bulges, also known as a nebula, that have, over time, metamorphosed into shapes that resemble creatures from our planet. Crab, Carina, Eagle and Orion are among the prominent ones.