Adjustable shoes from Mime et Moi.Mime et Moi/ Facebook

Carrying an extra pair of heels in your bag because you cannot walk the streets in them? A European footwear retailer has found a solution that every shoe-lover has been waiting for.

German brand Mime et Moi has manufactured heels that can be transformed into flats in a matter of seconds. Each pair comes with as many as five heel-change options that begin with stilettos and ends with flats. They have a clip system, which allows the user to detach the heels easily.

Ranging from $190 to $220, the shoes are affordable and fit best for daily commuters. They come in different patterns and colours, all of which appear interesting and in keeping with the trend.

The mechanism behind the shoes:

The outer sole houses a lever, which, when changing into another set of heels, needs to be pulled back to lose the existing pair. After the new set has been adjusted, one needs stand on tiptoes and press down until you are sure it has settled well into the grooves.

Watch the shoe transform here.

Meanwhile, social media users have made some interesting comments:

Lily Luo: I will only wear this if someone changes it for me like in the video.

Maricar Tentoco Babalato: Take my moneyyy I need this! No more saying "I forgot my heels."

Iveliz Echevarria: HMMM Interesting. I just have one question... is it comfortable? Because every heel height should have the right support to different heel arch. I don't see how this would work.

Lucy Walker: Er... why? Why would I want fewer pairs of shoes? This seems a very "German" way of looking at things... to clarify... I do not have fifty pairs of shoes because they are inefficient; I NEED more shoes - it's an emotionally driven demand, not one of engineering.

Jean Jackson: Not a new idea!!! When I left school in 1964, I worked for a heel manufacturer here in a "boot and shoe" town in Northamptonshire. The owners son was at a local boot and shoe college and he designed this interchangeable heel. I remember having professional photos taken of me wearing his designs to promote the shoe. Sadly they didn't "take off" back then!!

Marisol Tellez: It's a neat concept but the shoes are kinda fugly. Plus I'd probably never wear like 3 of the available heels cause umm hello they're heels, I want height and the lower heels make them look like old lady shoes. Also I don't want all my shoes to look the same. Do some research and see the kinds heels that are popular right now and you wouldn't just be able to interchange the heel and get another pair. Then all look way too different.

Dominica Lucia Tingang: It's a good idea but I don't want to wear shoes with the same colour and pattern all the time....unless you buy a simple black pair to match every attire.