Shah Rukh Khan
Pictured: Shah Rukh Khan at the Marrakech International Film Festival.Reuters

Anyone who has ever worked with Shah Rukh Khan has had nice things to say about the superstar. While it's known that he's one of the most humble actors around, an ex-employee has listed out reasons on Quora that prove it further.

First, he's chivalrous and holds the door for any of his female employees. Second, he isn't the one to shy away from the fans. Shah Rukh knows he has his fans to thank for the crazy success he has achieved in 25 years in the industry and so waves out to them whenever he leaves his house for work.

"This small department handles all his charitable work and makes sure there is no delay or problem while providing any goods or payments promised under SRK's name. They also frequently comb through his Twitter mentions to check for anyone reaching out for help. Also, this team doesn't have a PR/MR manager and thus their activities are hardly ever revealed to the media," the anonymous ex-employee wrote on the site.

Fourth, he is a family man and absolutely doesn't allow work to seep into his family unless absolutely urgent. Fifth, he is still attached to his roots and enjoys Delhi food; he once ate all of his employee's Chhole Bhature from Sitaram Diwan Chand (New Delhi) at the common lunch table.

Fifth, he side-hugged his employee and asked her to be careful when she mistakenly ran her pen over his jacket worth Rs. 11 lakh. Sixth, the ex-employee describes him as Chandler Bing (from "Friends" TV show), but with oodles of charm. Seventh, he's passionate about what he does, but in a very Delhi way, which comes across as aggression for those who haven't lived in the capital city.

"He is not in India for the most part of the year, much less Mumbai, but he was always awake and around no matter what time I reported for work. We changed our shifts to accompany him, but he was always there. Not to forget, he is always abreast with every major decision-making of his businesses," she wrote.

Eighth, he is "well-educated" and despite an erratic schedule, SRK is updated on what's happening in the world. He is an avid reader and keeps a handful of e-books handy on his tab. Ninth, he has kept his pre-stardom friends close and a lot of them help him in his businesses.

And last, though Shah Rukh is often pulled up for arriving late at events, that's only because he's working all the time and never takes time off from the one thing he loves doing most.