Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes recently expressed a desire to work in a Bollywood movie with a 'Khan' and for him there is no 'Khan' other than Shah Rukh Khan.

Wesley Snipes, who is best known for his role as vampire in the "Blade" series, stated that he has plans to visit India soon. The Hollywood star revealed three things he wants to do in India.

According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, Wesley Snipes' three wishes during his probable India visit are: learn "Kalaripayattu" (a martial art) and Ayurvedic way of healing in Kerala; take a Bollywood dance class and act in an action-thriller with Khan.

When the reporter asked him which Khan he was referring to, the actor said, "There is only one Khan, Shah Rukh Khan". Recalling his meeting with SRK in Dubai, Wesley Snipes addede, "We also met on Broadway and one day I will act and work with him."

The "Blade" actor candidly spoke about his love for Bollywood and said: "I love the world of song and dance and have travelled to India in my dreams. In that dream, I was doing a Bollywood film too."

Shah Rukh Khan, who will next be seen in "Dilwale", has a considerable foreign fan following and Wesley Snipes' wish to act with the Bollywood superstar makes it evident.