Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington is pregnant with her second child. Pictured: Actress Kerry Washington arrives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala (Met Gala) to celebrate the opening of Reuters

A new episode of "Scandal" will not be aired this week, as the show is now on a hiatus after the Season 5 finale, titled "That's My Girl," was aired last week. The show ended Season 5 with a cliffhanger and ABC has pushed Season 6 to midseason next year to accommodate lead actress Kerry Washington's pregnancy.

The Season 5 finale saw Jake being declared as Mellie Grant's running mate, and Cyrus is Francisco Vargas' choice for vice president. The finale also hinted at a romance between Mellie and Marcus. As for Olivia, it remains to be seen if the upcoming season will continue exploring her dark side, of which we saw glimpses in the episodes leading up to the finale.

Washington recently opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about working on "Scandal" and revealed that her work environment is different than on other sets.

"I'm in this very surreal environment right now having Shonda Rhimes as my boss, where it's almost the opposite," she said. "It is specified in scripts that guys take their shirts off all the time."

"The guys are naked all the time! And she has said to all the women on the show: 'You want to do a love scene in a parka? You just let me know,'" said Washington. "So it's this weird, like, reparations moment where the girls get to do what they want to do and the guys get to do what they want to do, but they know what Shonda wants them to do."

As for what to watch this Thursday now that "Scandal" is on a break, ABC has lined up a two-hour special of "The Catch," which is winding up Season 1 with a massive cliffhanger. The finale will see the worlds of private investigator Alice Vaughan and her con man lover Benjamin Jones coming together.

CLICK HERE to watch the season finale of "The Catch."