What happens after death? Is there life after death? Is there heaven and hell?

These questions might have crossed everybody's mind at one point of time but there is no definite answer to these questions to this day except what religions have claimed. However, chilling accounts by those who have undergone near death experience (NDE) have given evidence that human consciousness could continue to exist after death – at least for a certain period of time.

Anita Moorjani, the author of the book "Dying to be Me," had claimed that she crossed into the afterlife in 2006 when she slipped into a coma after fighting lymphoma (cancer) for four years.She has claimed that she was aware of everything that was happening around her, instantly feeling and sensing wherever her mind took her, including seeing her sick body lying on the hospital bed and her brother preparing to fly in from another place to be with her.

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She has said in several public speeches that she experienced immense happiness with no pain in her ailing body during her near death experience. She claimed to have experienced a new level of consciousness, instantly feeling whatever came to her mind. She went on to say that she met her dead father and her best friend, who pressurised her to go back to her body despite not wanting to leave that blissful experience. Her body healed from the end-stage lymphoma within few weeks and was cancer-free in a few months.

New study shows life after death may be possible
A mental health clinic in Shenyang offers patients the experience of "death" by having them lie in a coffin as a form of therapy.Reuters

Now, the Near Death Experience Research Foundation website (via Express site) has compiled a series of chilling stories narrated by people who had an NDE. It's all blurry but some may take it as evidence of life after death and existence of heaven and hell.

A man named Richard L said that he felt at peace when he was close to death after suffering from a seizure.

"I felt no pain. I felt an unending love and a sense of peace as I kept floating towards the light," he said.

"I saw a very bright light almost like at the end of a tunnel. It made me so warm and happy. I could just the see clouds and then I heard voices in the background," said another man named Alexander S, who said he was brought back from the brink of death following an attack.

However, some claimed that they experienced unpleasant things and feelings during their near death experience.

"I remember feeling terrified. It was so dark and I could not see anything below me, so it was hard to figure out what was going on. As the Beings pulled me into their midst, it seemed squishy and wet, as well as dark and cold. Meanwhile, the Beings all around me were ripping and tearing at me. I was thinking that I didn't like this at all and wanted to go back," read the account of a person who was resuscitated after a suicide attempt.

"I had a vision of a grey area with many scattered boards and beams. At the top right is a circular light, which had an incredibly bright centre that was inviting me to enter. Suddenly I realised with horror that it was the transition between life and death. I said, 'I do not want to enter. I have not tried everything in my life," claimed Hana P, who had an NDE after suffering from pneumonia.

It is difficult to say if there is life after death despite narrations by those who had an NDE. However, a study has found out that human mind and consciousness work for a short time after death, which means people can be aware of their own death, but that might end after blood circulation to the brain stops completely.