Aaron Finch has not been in one of his best forms in the last few matches. The limited-overs captain of the Australian has been widely slammed for his poor performance. However, it's not just him, but his wife too who has been at the receiving end. Amy Finch took to social media to call out the haters and the trolls and teach them a lesson. She also shared a screenshot of the vulgar and abusive comment she received from a troll.

Aaron Finch and Amy
Aaron Finch and AmyInstagram

"Part of me doesn't want to give this individual the satisfaction of a response, but this kind of crap happens far too often! I don't appreciate it, neither does my husband who is battling and doing everything he possibly can to get back into the runs. Honestly, these keyboard warriors need to go and get a bloody life. This isn't even one of the worst that has come my way, but I've had enough!," Amy said sharing the screenshot.

She further wrote, "To elaborate a little more on previous post, comments of this nature have popped up for years now. It's nothing new and it's certainly something I've gotten used to. I have a pretty thick skin and can generally ignore them but recently there have been direct threats of violence and sexual assault towards me, my husband, and members of our family. You name it, I've heard it. It's gotten to a point where it needs to be called out because ignoring it doesn't stop these people. NOBODY deserves that sort of language to be directed at them!! If you happen to be a fan, how about lending some words of encouragement and support. Otherwise, don't call yourself a fan, and please, do me a favour and press the unfollow button! A touch of kindness can go a long way!"

Aaron Finch goes unsold at IPL 2021

Aaron Finch's poor performance led to the ace cricketer not being picked up by any of the teams in IPL 2021. Aaron remained one of the biggest names to have been snubbed by the teams this year. Reacting to the same at a press conference, Finch said that it would have been great to play again and be a part of the amazing competition but it wasn't unexpected for him.