Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been facing a media trial these past few weeks since his wife filed for divorce. Now, his niece has come forward with sexual charges against his brother Minazuddin. The woman has spoken candidly about her experiences and the torture she suffered.

Shamas Siddiqui, Nawazuddin Siddiqui reached out to media to address the situation and the charges. He made shocking claims about his niece about her manner and character, he said he will take the legal route instead of the media trial. 

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Shamas Siddiqui on sexual harassment charges against his brother

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is facing a very difficult point as a lot is being said about his family since his divorce became public news. Aaliya, his estranged wife made many heavy claims against his family and their behaviour. Since then, she has been actively voicing her concerns and being open about the cracks in their marriage.

The actor's niece, came forward to speak about her own experiences in the Siddiqui household, she revealed how the Bollywood actor's younger brother forced himself on her. She even said she had reached out Nawazuddin but he didn't help her. Recently he spoke to her and offered financial help, but she continued to press charges against Minazuddin.

Shamas Siddiqui today spoke to Times of India about the charges and he spoke about the girl and her backstory, "She ran away from home at a minor age and married a boy; my brother had then filed a missing complaint to the connected police station. This case was going on in Dehradun and then it went to the High Court, she showed fake school certificates to prove that she was not a minor."

Shamas Siddiqui tweets
Shamas Siddiqui's tweet

Shamas added that when in her complaint she had named Minazuddin, now she's involving Nawazuddin as well. He spoke about how she and her husband had arrest warrants against them for not appearing before the court, "There are arrest warrants against the girl and her husband from Uttarakhand HC because they never appeared for the court dates." He said that he will take the legal route once the lockdown lifts and courts resume. 

While the niece has been vocal about her experiences, she said she got the courage to speak about the matter after Nawazuddin's wife filed for divorce. As of now, the law has to take its own course in establishing credibility.