Tovino Thomas' most anticipated movie of the year 'Theevandi' hit the screens all across Kerala on September 06, 2018. As expected, the film was opened to packed houses in all centers and all credit goes to the song 'Jeevamshamayi' which emerged as chartbuster upon its release. Directed by Fellini TP, this movie is basically a realistic take on the life of a smoker.

Did the movie live up to the mammoth hype and expectations? Let us find out.

Theevandi movie review
Tovino Thomas and Samyuktha Menon's Theevandi.PR Handout

The unending thirst to take that extra fag

The movie showcases the life of Bineesh Damodaran played by Tovino Thomas. Bineesh is a chain smoker who used to burn unending numbers of cigarettes in a day. But at one point in time, he feels an emotional dilemma and starts realising that the smoking habit is spoiling his mind and life.

Unlike other movies which portray stories from the perspective of the general public, this film has moved a step ahead and has portrayed the story from the perspective of a chain smoker. Through this film, the director conveys the message that family members and friends of chain smokers should give them an emotional support, so that cigarette addicts can come out of the clutches of nicotine with ease.

Fellini deserves an applause

Director Fellini has made 'Theevandi' in such a way that it will not make the audiences bored even for a second. The director has cleverly laced comic sequences throughout the flick, and he has also captured the beauty of a small village in the most elegant manner.

It should be also noted that 'Theevandi' is Fellini's debut movie. But surprisingly, he narrated the story on the screen like an expert and deserves a special round of applause for this effort.

The music composed by Kailas Menon is another major highlight of the movie. The background score is soothing, and the song 'Jeevamshamayi' has special appeal.

Tovino Thomas stole the show

'Theevandi' solely belongs to Tovino Thomas and he literally lived as the chain smoker in this film. His mannerisms were excellent, and his on-screen chemistry with the lead actress Samyuktha Menon was a real treat to watch. Through this film, the young star once again proved that he is going to emerge as a superstar in the industry in the near future.

Samyuktha Menon as the heroine did justice to her role. The surprise package in the movie was the character played by Sudhish. It seems Sudhish is playing the role of an old man for the first time in his career, and surprisingly, he portrayed the role with utmost finesse.

Final Verdict

Theevandi may not be a classic, but it is worth your time and money. This movie has those fine moments capable to glue the audiences in the theater seats throughout the running time.