The Vampire Diaries
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"The Vampire Diaries" fans will have to deal with the death of one of their favorite characters when an all new episode of CW's vampire drama returns on Thursday.

Speculations are rife that Stefan will meet his unexpected death, when he tries to save Elena from Luke and Liv. The absence of Stefan's name in the official synopsis of the season's finale episode has thereby strengthened theories supporting Stefan's death.

The official synopsis of the season finale titled "Home" states that Damon will be dealing with an unexpected tragedy and he will be trying his best to hold himself together while pushing Bonnie to prevent the Other Side from disintegrating.

Episode 21 is titled "Promised Land" and shows Elena and Stefan's attempts to escape from Markos' clutch. While Damon and Caroline are trying their best to help out Elena and Stefan, the promo shows Luke and Liv using magic to prevent Elena and Stefan from getting away in a pickup truck.

"We have to kill Stefan and Elena," Liv says to an unconvinced Luke. Later, she tells Elena and Stefan, "I'm sorry, but one of you needs to die." It is believed that Stefan will sacrifice his life to save Elena.

A TVGuide spoiler too supports the theory of a death in the episode, noting that the two dopplegangers will get a harsh reality check in the episode and the death of a series regular is sure if the Other Side can't be saved.

It is not immediately known why the magical twins want Elena and Stefan dead.

Interestingly, a good number of fans believe that Damon might be the one to die.

"I really dont know what to think for the next two golden episodes  but i feel like stefan will die then damon sacrifices or smth," one fan wrote on Twitter.

Another added, "Stefan will probably die in 5x21 then Damon will sacrifice himself to bring him back in 5x22."