One of the hottest topics spanning every industry and sector today is how Internet and social media change the way we do business. In today's environment, opportunities and exposures of social media must be ingrained into the DNA of every new company and every existing one.

Several entrepreneurs frequently keep experimenting with these new platforms to solve their problems and grow their businesses in a competitive environment.

Adrie Reinders and Marion Freijsen, two co-founders EFactor website, has a wide knowledge about the intersection of entrepreneurship and social media.

Reinders and Freijsen are co-founders of the social networking website that connects investors and entrepreneurs through networking events across the world. Both the authors know the challenges that new entrepreneurs are facing in the present business environment.

In their latest book, "The E-Factor: Entrepreneurship in the Social Media Age", the authors educate businessmen on the consequences like restricted resources, skills gaps, and financial limitations, which take down most entrepreneurs. They also show readers how to overcome these obstacles.

Reinders and Freijsen provide a wide array of case studies detailing successes and lessons learned, from small business owners and burgeoning entrepreneurs, all the way up to multinational corporations and global brand leaders.

The new book explains how to gain leverage and evaluate and reassess goals, products and company structure to meet needs in a competitive environment. It helps entrepreneurs combine the best traditional entrepreneurial thinking with all the new tools, ideas, and channels.

"Adrie and Marion have illustrated how the two worlds of entrepreneurship - the traditional and the new age of networking - can intersect for an even higher level of connection, opportunity, and success," Jim Solomon, Serial Entrepreneur, MBA Professor, and Certified Public Accountant said.