Mallika Sherawat
Mallika Sherawat at the preview launch of "The Bachelorette India- Mere Khayalo Ki Malliika" Varinder Chawla

Mallika Sherawat's show, The Bachelorette India, saw a shameful stint, where the actress was insulted by some contestants.

The show, which follows a format for the actress to choose her best suitor, turned an ugly scene. Displeased with some incidents, contestants Karan Sagoo, Vijay Singh and Vinay Jhamb were involved in a blame game with the each revealing the others' nasty talks about the actress.

While nasty cusses and expletives directed at Mallika came to light, even director Mahesh Bhatt was dragged in an unbecoming way.

The actress, heavily upset at the turn of events, was seen shedding tears. She refused to shoot further and aptly left the premises.

As per reports the shooting was stalled for three days, with Mallika refusing to co-operate. Finally, after the intervention of production head, the actress was back at the shoot.

However, things sorted out as Mallika forgave the trio and praised Vinay for being sensitive to her feelings. She even allowed him to tie an anklet which he previously had got for her. The usually soft-spoken Vinay appeared moved at Mallika's appreciation for him.

However, the show is set to turn nastier. On Wednesday, an alleged altercation would lead the hugely built Jagjit Singh to slap Udit Ohri in the open. As a brawl ensues, other contestants try to handle the situation and Mallika appears shell shocked.

Later on, the actress directs Jagjit to apologise to Udit for his unruly actions. However, more drama awaited, as Udit - fed up of the entire incident - demands to opt out of the show and then Mallika goes on to eliminate Jagjit.

And in the rose ceremony which follows, Captain Aditya Bohra gets evicted leading to triple elimination in one episode itself.

Only days ago, one of the show's contestant - Saurabh Siddeshwar - was ousted for trying to get close to Mallika's female assistants. Saurabh, in his message post elimination, was recorded calling the actress the nation's sex symbol and said Mallika is dumb woman who keeps blabbering. He advised the actress to use her head, than her heart while taking decisions.