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The season finale of "The Bachelor" is just a few hours away and fans of the show are eagerly waiting to see who Juan Pablo Galavis might choose as his partner - Nikki Ferrell or Clare Crawley.

Rumor has it that Ferrell will be the last one standing, as Galavis seemingly made his choice clear when he introduced the pediatric nurse to his daughter and former partner in one of the earlier episodes. The fact that only Ferrell's family seemed to embrace Galavis is a point in her favor.

But Crawley, too, appears to have a strong hold on Galavis, as the duo was seen discussing their wedding song in one of the deleted episodes.

In the clip, Galavis is seen taking out his cell phone, making Crawley feel that he is going to take a selfie. But the bachelor plays Josh Krajcik's "No Better Lovers," which immediately bring tears to Crawley's eyes.

"I love this song," Crawley says before kissing Galavis, who in turn comforts crying Crawley saying: "We started like that. Don't cry."

Crawley then tells him that they should play the song when they get married. The former Venezuelan soccer did not respond to the suggestion, instead just kissed her.

Later, during a confessional interview, Crawley said that she became emotional as she was caught up in the moment.

"I am lost in the moment. That song is how I feel and how I felt."

"Juan Pablo has definitely helped to break down those walls that have been up around my heart," she added.

Meanwhile, Reality Steve, a blogger who said Ferrell would be crowned the winner much before the current season premiered on ABC, is sticking to his prediction. But he notes that there might not be an engagement when the show ends.

"Juan Pablo and Nikki left Saint Lucia as a couple, but not engaged. First time in 10 seasons, there hasn't been a proposal at the end," Steve writes in his blog. He also added that there is a monetary offer for Galavis to propose to Ferrell on the "After the Final Rose" show.

It remains to be seen if Steve's prediction will prove to be accurate.

The season finale of "The Bachelor" will be telecast on Monday at 8 pm on ABC.

(Edited by Anu James)