Juan Pablo and Nikki
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The current season of "The Bachelor" is just a week from its finale, and Juan Pablo Galavis has clearly made his choice. During the hometown dates, Pablo introduced Nikki Ferrell to his daughter and ex and gave her an unfair advantage over the others.

It is almost a given that Galavis will give the final rose to Nikki in next week's episode, but that might not work out in Nikki's favor in the long run. Multiple reports indicate that Nikki and Galavis split up shortly after the final rose ceremony, which was aired sometime in November.

And from the looks of it, not many are going to shed tears, if Galavis and Nikki do not make it to the altar.

The final two contestants on the show are not so popular with "The Bachelor" audience, and many have pointed out that Nikki is the lesser of two evils.

Both Clare and Nikki lost points with the audience due to their brash behavior on the show.

While Nikki has been accused of badmouthing the other contestants on the show, Clare's possessive nature has not won her points.

It is not immediately known what went wrong between Nikki and Galavis after the final rose ceremony. But speculations are rife that Galavis was never interested in marrying, although he came on the show proclaiming that he wants a mother for Camila, his daughter.

Since his reported split from Nikki, Galavis has been linked to singer Mayra Veronica after they were spotted "huddled close together" at a Miami Heat basketball game.

Meanwhile, audiences feel that Galavis made a mistake by letting Renee go, as the single mother would have made an ideal partner. But Renee is far from wallowing in self-pity, as she announced on Monday's "Women Tell All" episode that she is engaged and looking to start a new life.

"I'm in a situation now that I'm very happy," she told Chris Harrison, the show's host.

While most of Galavis' former bachelorettes came on the show to bash him, there were a few who did not join the club.

Andi Dorfman, for instance, told Harrison that although Galavis is insensitive, he was at no point rude or mean to her. His flaw was that he just did not get her, Andi said.

When Galavis was attacked for his treatment of single mother, Andi went on record to say that Galavis has always been fair. She also spoke about what went on inside the fantasy suite, after which the assistant district attorney decided to pack her bags and leave.

Andi admitted that Galavis said she barely made it to the top three, and said she pretended to fall asleep when Galavis' insensitive and self-centered nature began to be dominant.

Defending Galavis alleged lack of interest in getting to know the contestants, Sharleen said that he was very interested to know about her likes and dislikes. The reason why she opted out of the show, Sharleen said, was because she wasn't ready for marriage.

Sharleen and Galavis had a strong physical attraction, but that was all there to it, she told the other contestants.

"The Bachelor" finale will air on next Monday at 8 pm on ABC.