Andi Dorfman and Juan Pablo
Andi Dorfman and Juan

Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor” saw Juan Pablo visiting the hometown of the last four contestants, and ended with Renee leaving the show.

While Pablo continues on his journey to find true love on the show, he is in for yet another disappointment, as preview for Tuesday’s episode shows that the football player is going to be dumped once again.

As viewers might recall, Sharleen left the show last week after she found it difficult to reciprocate Pablo’s affection. And, this week, it is Andi Dorfman who will be dumping Pablo, according to buzz surrounding the show.

Reportedly, Andi gets intimate with Pablo during the Fantasy Suite date, but is left disappointed after he starts name dropping. He also tells that she almost did not make it to the final three, as he had previously considered sending her home.

Following this admission, Andi tells Pablo that he was being inconsiderate and calls him an a*****e, according to an Us Weekly report cited by Reality TV World.

"I could not wait to get out of the fantasy suite,” a source associated with the show quoted Andi as saying. “ I would describe his behavior as immature, rude, inappropriate. All of it together was a disaster. He thinks he can say whatever he wants to say and everyone will laugh and fall in love with him and it's all fun and games."

The bachelorette also added that Pablo is self-centered and loves only himself, the Us Weekly source added, noting that the real Pablo is not what he portrays to be.

Pablo came on the show to find his true love, who will also be a mother to his daughter, Camila. On his ideal partner, Pablo said that he wants a woman who will not lose her cool during tough situations, and who will essentially be a role model to his children.

But a number of people feel that Pablo has not taken the effort to get to know the girls properly. At times, he is also oblivious to other people’s feelings and emotions, and does not have the capability to understand subtle hints thrown by contestants.

Show insiders feel that whenever a contestant tries to explain herself to Pablo, so that he could understand her background and her aspirations, Pablo appears uninterested.

Chris Harrison, the show’s host, has also gone on record to say that Pablo has trouble opening up to people.

“I think he has a tough time letting go, really opening up and giving himself to this process,” Harrison told People.

“I don't know if it is a cultural difference and a language barrier. He didn't know the show as well as people who have been watching it for 10 years and could just slide easily into that role. I think it made some of them question his motives and if he is here for true love because they are not seeing and hearing it as much as they have in the past.”

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