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While the format of "The Bachelor" makes it inevitable that the female contestants are left heartbroken, the latest episode of the reality dating show saw Juan Pablo getting ditched.

Pablo, who has made obvious his adoration of Sharleen, was sad to see that his feelings weren't reciprocated by Sharleen, who had been conflicted by Pablo for a while now.

Monday's episode saw Pablo and the girls hitting his hometown, Miami, where some of them got to meet his parents, his daughter and even his ex.

But Sharleen admitted that she was confused about him, and wasn't ready for him to meet her family. And, at the end of the episode, she packed her bags and left.

Meanwhile, Chris Harrison, host of the show, said he was surprised that Sharleen lasted as long as she did.

"She would convince herself to leave, but then somehow when they were together she would lose her words and be into it and make out with him again," Harrison said, according to Seattlepi.com.

"Finally, I think she just thought enough is enough and it's time to rip the band-aid off. She also started feeling guilty because then she's taking a spot and you're bringing families into this next week and it's a lot more serious. She rode this as far as she could in good conscience and did her due diligence to see if something was there and I respect that," Harrison added. 

He also shed light on Pablo's obsession with Sharleen, saying that he always felt that she was the one. However, Harrison added that he never saw Sharleen returning Pablo's affection.