Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal stopped, while getting rady to serve, to help the mother search her missing daughter.Reuters

Special off-field moments have been witnessed in sports history, and the same was observed as Rafael Nadal stopped his tennis match to help a worried mother find her daughter in the stands.

The memorable scene took place during a doubles exhibitions match featuring Nadal and Mats Wilander against former stars John McEnroe and Carlos Moya in Mallorca. Irrespective of whether it is an exhibition or a Grand Slam match, there is complete silence when players get ready to serve.

When Nadal was about to serve during the match, there was a cry of "Clara" from the stands, which was loud enough to grab everyone's attention. At that point, one did not understand the situation as Nadal like the rest of the crowd in the stands, confusingly, looked at the section from where calls of Clara were made.

The camera, a few seconds later, panned towards the audience, and the woman calling "Clara" was spotted, and she had a worried look on her face. It was at that juncture that people began to understand the magnitude of the situation as she was frantically searching for her daughter, who had come to watch the match along with her.

The security also walked up to her to understand the situation, but with every passing second, she was becoming more worried, and the crowd also began to look for "Clara," calling her name aloud. After a few seconds, the woman saw Clara, and she quickly walked up to her, and soon the two were re-united. She gave Clara a bear hug, and both had tears in their eyes. It was a victory for all as the audience applauded the mother and child to their seat.

It was one of those special moments, which will be etched in the memory of all those, who were present in the venue including the players.