For centuries, Indian women have draped sarees, and as time advanced, various fabrics came into play. Traditional weaving and hand-woven sarees took a hit as synthetic and machine-made sarees landed on the market. However, over time, people have realized the importance and rarity of the intricately made and crafted sarees, which are part of our heritage and its revival. Shrutika, the founder of Tharii by Shrutika, has made every effort to bring these traditional sarees to modern women through her collection.

Origin and founder

Shruthika Arjun, actress, model, and entrepreneur, is the creative force behind Tharri by Shrutika. Her love for traditional weaves during special occasions could be seen in draping them elegantly and receiving praise from one and all. However, the tedious process of draping and wearing heavy sarees for long hours posed a problem. That's when Shrutika felt that soft and lightweight muslin cotton sarees can be a great hit with people. She began her foray into making beautiful prints, and the texture of the cloth made it easy to wear for long hours.

Growth and Vision

Tharri by Shrutika began with just 50 sarees sold monthly to more than 1000+ sarees in demand. It's been a year since this venture took off, and Shrutika hasn't looked back. She began with cotton sarees and evolved her saree collection to hand-woven silk sarees. The traditional weavers have been roped in and employed by the enterprise throughout the year, providing them with a livelihood. Shrutika has envisioned making Tharri By Shrutika a household name. She has nearly succeeded in capturing the local market and taking a leap into the global arena as well.

Connecting tradition & people

Sarees have been an occasional wear for many women. Western trends have taken over. However, Tharii by Shruthika makes sarees for every day of the year. From festive occasions to casual gatherings, sarees are making a comeback. Connecting to the roots of ancient art forms, represented on the sarees in the form of motifs, carries the tradition forward. The modern generation will now be aware of the different weaves across the country and wear them with pride.
The enterprise began a year ago, and Tharri by Shrutika has worked with the weavers to ensure every handmade design is unique and reflects the craftsmanship. Generational weavers are hired to weave, embroider, and embellish every Tharii saree. Every fabric is handpicked, from luxurious silks to breathable cotton and lightweight chiffons, before it reaches the wearer.