Bala's "Tharai Thappattai", starring Sasikumar and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, has garnered mixed reviews from the audience. The performance of the lead stars have been highly appreciated but the lack of regular masala elements fail to hold the attention of the audience.

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It is a special movie for Bala for a few good reasons and mainly because his association with maestro Ilayaraaja for the movie marks the latter's landmark 1000th film as a music director. Also, he has directed his protégé Sasikumar, who had worked as an assistant director to him in classic "Sethu", in "Tharai Thappattai" for the first time.

"Tharai Thappattai" has Satish Kaushik, RK Suresh, Amudhavaanam, Kaavya Shah and others in the cast. Chezhiyan has handled the cinematography department while G Sasikumar has edited the flick.

Like his usual films, Bala has taken a backdrop that are not touched by many mainstream filmmakers. This time, he introduces us to karakattam art (It is an ancient folk dance performed to woo rain goddess Mariamman). His lead characters are Sannasi (Sasikumar) and Sooravali (Varalaxmi), who are in love, are folk dancers. The story gets a twist when Karuppaiah (R.K. Suresh) enters the scene to marry Sooravali.

Her mother requests Sannasi to convince her and accept the proposal. The hero decides to sacrifice his love, hoping that his sweetheart will lead a better and happy life if she marries a government servant. But he pays a price for his decision and what happens next is the best part of the revenge story. 

"Tharai Thappattai" is an intense drama in which Sasikumar and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar have come out with flying colours. The film has a raw screenplay packed with emotions. It is not for lily-livered cine-goers and family audience may not be impressed by the film due to overdose of violence. Bala's intent to make a movie on the folk artists have been appreciated but apparently many feel that there is not anything new in his screenplay and describe it as old wine in new bottle. Read, viewers' response below:

Kaushik LM posted: #TharaiThappattai 3.25 / 5. Spl mention to the voluptuous karagattam dancers who bare it in skimpy outfits& the censors for passing the film
Won't have repeat value due to the very serious and morose nature of the 2nd half. #Bala stands his ground again
Promising first half but a typical #Bala bloodbath end. Intent to make a film on TN folk artists is laudable
#TharaiThappattai - @studio9_suresh is deadly as the villain. Terrifying characterization with some shades. He'll become hot now.
1st half is easily the better. Definitely not for the weak hearted folks. 2nd half is too disturbing after a point.
2nd half - portrays suffering, emotions, shocking acts of the villain, the plight of @varusarath & a really brutal climax
#TharaiThappattai 1st half - karagattam dance sequences very authentic. Legend #Ilayaraja mesmerizes with his RR. Interval is set up nicely. 1st half -brings a heavy feeling quite often. Unflinching film for the adults. #Bala in control. Dialogs make a big impact. #TharaiThappattai 1st half -it is a @varusarath show totally. Portrays the lives of a native dance music troupe. Hardcore intense #Bala film

Prashanth posted: #ThaaraiThappattai - the intellectuals may find 1000 meanings in the movie. But for the family - they are returning with a dull face. Final fight with BGM is goosebump stuff. Varalakshmi will win many awards. Second half , two songs - first - Bala trolled all item songs. Second - raja has trolled all moder musicians #ThaaraiThappattai.
Done watching #ThaaraiThappattai - same old rattham therikura movie. Too much blood. Families will not be able to take it. Too much violence against women. Can understand it's cinema. But still finding hard to digest #ThaaraiThappattai.
interval - the dark and depressive Bala movie is back. Just the same old wine in new glass. So far OK.

Thala_360Degree posted: #TharaiThappattai Reality Cinema.. !! The emotional life of Folk Dancers, #KarakattamTroops pictured perfectly. Hats off attempt.
It is an Emotional and Class drama...!! Raw attempt.. Loved it..!! Not for Commercial cinema fans..!!

Kannan posted: #ThaaraiThappattai - Kudos to director Bala 4 portraying lives of #Karagattam troupe but screenplay cud hv been better esp. towards the end!
#ThaaraiThappattai - Ilaiyaraaja's authentic songs are the backbone to this film abt folk artists & his terrific BGM add further strength.
#ThaaraiThappattai - Super performances by Sasikumar & Varalakshmi as folk artists. Suresh as menacing Villain & GM Kumar impressive too!
#ThaaraiThappattai - Intense drama executed very well till halfway but 2nd half slightly suffers & commercial ending. Watchable! (7/10)
#ThaaraiThappattai 1st half - Bala style rustic drama with strong emotional screenplay so far! Whatte energy by @varusarath!! #TTK #i1000

Vignesh Kandaswamy tweeted: #TharaiThappattai -Interval - Career best performances from @varusarath and Sasikumar. But same cannot be said abt Bala's story&screenplay.

Rakesh tweeted: #TharaiThappattai - raw emotions all over. Typical Bala film. Varu overacts a bit but 90% she is spot on. Perfect choice of casting.
#TharaiThappattai 1st half. Amazing acting n dialogues. Music by #Ilaiyaraaja is perfect. Fun filled 1st half, expecting tragic 2nd half.