Ankit Bathla, who plays the role of Dhruv in "Thapki Pyar Ki," is apparently unhappy with the changes in his track on the show.

Even as Ankit was introduced as the lead character of the show, the ongoing love story between Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) and Bihaan's (Manish Goplani), has resulted in Ankit's character being sidelined.

"It was disappointing for him but he continued with the show. Now that he has less work, he is opting for other projects," a source told The Times of India.

However, Ankit denied being disappointed and claimed that he was aware of changes in track. "I was aware that my track would go through these changes. And I am not complaining because I will be soon be hosting the show Hasi Ka Pitaara," Ankit said.

It should be mentioned that although the viewers loved the chemistry between Thapki and Dhruv, the budding love story between Thapki and Bihaan has kept the audience hooked to the show.

Meanwhile, on "Thapki Pyar Ki," both Thapki and Bihaan have been trying to make peace with the family but each time Thapki makes an effort, Vasundhara insults her and throws her out of the house.

Further, in the recent episodes, Vasundhara was seen throwing a challenge at Thapki during the Valentine's Day party, where she would have to kiss the first guest at the party. It has been reported earlier that viewers would witness a romantic dance between Thapki and Bihaan during the Valentine's Day celebration on the show.