Thanksgiving is just around the corner and soon you will slip into your yoga pants and gorge on the turkey cooked to perfection and the mashed potatoes, and dip into the cranberry sauce. To add to the festivities, the television networks have an incredible line-up to entertain you as you camp out on the couch.

ABC will kick off Turkey Day 2014 with 'Charlie Brown Thanksgiving'
ABC will kick off Turkey Day 2014 with 'Charlie Brown Thanksgiving'Wikimedia Commons/ Kavadi carrier

On Wednesday, 25 November, ABC will kick off the Thanksgiving celebrations with their dear old friend Charlie Brown at 7 pm with the 1973 classic "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving". A special bonus cartoon "This Is America, Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyagers," from Charles M. Schulz, will also be aired with the PEANUTS classic. On Thursday, the night of Thanksgiving, ABC viewers will be treated to several specials, including "Thank you America! With Robin Roberts" at 7 pm.

NBC will be airing all Thanksgiving themed sketches from "Saturday Night Live", including "Adam Sandler's Turkey Song"; "Ed Grimley's Thanksgiving"; and "Greetings From Tonto, Tarzan and Frankenstein" at 9 pm. For those who wait year-long to watch the parade and floats, NBC will air the Macy's Thanksgiving parade at 8 am on Thursday.

CBS, which will also begin the Thanksgiving parade at 8 am, will air the football match between Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions at 11.30 pm as you wait for the Turkey to be served.

The Philadelphia Eagles will face off against the Dallas Cowboys at 3:30 pm on Fox and the Seattle Seahawks will try and score against the San Francisco 49ers at 7:30 pm on NBC.

If you choose to binge watch a new show or go nostalgic, here is the listing of TV series marathons running on cable channels on Turkey day this year

  • "The Middle" marathon from 6 am: ABC Family.
  • "Swamp People" marathon from 6 am: History Channel.
  • "Portlandia" marathon from 8 am: IFC
  • "Food paradise" marathon from 8 am: Travel Channel.
  • "North America" marathon from 8 am; Animal Planet
  • "Adventure Time" marathon from 8 am: Cartoon Network.
  • "Friends" marathon from 9 am: TBS
  • "Transporter: The Series" marathon from 10 am: TNT
  • "Alaska: The Last Frontier" marathon from 11 am: Discovery Channel.
  • "The Andy Griffith Show" marathon from 11 am: TV Land.
  • "Raising Hope" marathon from 11 am: CMT.
  • "The Millionaire Matchmaker" marathon form 2 pm: Bravo.