Jayam Ravi and his brother Raja's "Thani Oruvan" has opened to positive reviews from the audience. The Impressive presentation with power-packed performance from the lead stars have turned out to be the attracting points of the film. 

Whenever 'Jayam' brother have teamed up, they have come up with a hit. The classic examples are "Jayam", "Santhosh Subramaniam" and "Thillangadi". But those were the remakes of successful movies of other languages. However, now, they have joined hands for a fresh story.

Thani Oruvan
A movie poster of 'Thani Oruvan'.IB Times India

Hence, the expectations are high from their combo this time. Let us not forget, Jayam Raja is returning after a gap of four years. His last directorial was "Velayudham" starring Vijay, Genelia and Hansika Motwani.

Coming back to their latest movie "Thani Oruvan", the movie also stars big names like Arvind Swamy and Nayantara in the lead roles. Nassar, Vamsi Krishna, Ganesh Venkatraman, Thambi Ramaiah, Abhinaya and others in the cast. The film has Hiphop Tamizha's music, Ramji's cinematography and Gopikrishna's cinematography.

"Thani Oruvan" is a taut thriller, which is a fight between the good versus evil. Criminal-minded Siddharth Abhimanyu wants to see his father Sengalvarayan (Thambi Ramaiah) as an MLA. This will help him to achieve his dreams. On the other end, hero Mithran, an IPS officer played by Jayam Ravi, has his plans ready to arrest the people, who are indulged in crime in the city. The situations bring the protagonist and antagonist face to face. What happens thereafter is the best part of the cat-and-mouse story, which the audience should enjoy on-screen.

The early reviews from the audience clearly indicate that "Thani Oruvan" has won the hearts of the audience. The good script and brilliant performance of Jayam Ravi, Arvind Swamy and Nayantara have impressed the cine goers. Below, we bring you the audience review for the Tamil flick:

Sreedhar Pillai Wrote
#ThaniOruvan 3.5/5. @thearvindswami Aravind Swamy as suave, stylish antagonist is magnificent.The near perfect villain with a smiling cheek
#ThaniOruvan 3.5/5. @actor_jayamravi terrific in an adrenaline pumping role #Nayanthara's has a well etched role. #ThambiRamaiah is a scream
#ThaniOruvan 3.5/5. #Mohan brothers in perfect sync as they relied more on characterisation & story, than making it a hero oriented film.
#ThaniOruvan 3.5/5.Awesome,gripping edge of the seat mind game thriller with perfect casting. Smart writing & presentation @jayam_mohanraja
#ThaniOruvan 3.5/5. Meticulous script throws many surprises & slick way it is shot. #Ramji camera +, creates a different mood in each scene.
#ThaniOruvan 3.5/5. Different & daring within commercial format.Could have been a little more crisper,takes time in character establishment.
#ThaniOruvan - 3 Cheers @jayam_mohanraja & @sureshsubha 4 attempting 2 move away from comforts of commercial cinema & yet make it enjoyable

Pugal Tweeted
1st half ...good crime thriller so far !! Entertaining @thearvindswami the handsome villan #Thanioruvan
2nd half highly engaging and entertaining !! The cat and mouse game b/w @thearvindswami and @actor_jayamravi portrayed well #ThaniOruvan
The screen presence and charisma of this handsome baddie man @thearvindswami is simply awsome ..loved his role #Thanioruvan
Overall a decent and good action thriller #Thanioruvan

Ramesh Posted
#ThaniOruvan [3.75/5]: @jayam_mohanraja hits it out of the park with his 1st straight movie.. Knows da pulse of audience & gives #AGS a BB!
#ThaniOruvan [3.75/5]: DOP #Ramji and Music Dir @hiphoptamizha with his songs and BGM have given their best.. Good support by the tech team
#ThaniOruvan [3.75/5]: Great Supporting Cast.. All those who come as friends of @actor_jayamravi , #ThambiRamaiah, #Nasser and others..
#ThaniOruvan [3.75/5]: #Nayanthara is always an asset to any movie she is part of.. No different here.. Looks good and acts well..
#ThaniOruvan [3.75/5]: @thearvindswami is the Talk of the movie.. His role and his performance elevate the movie altogether to a diff level
#ThaniOruvan [3.75/5]: @actor_jayamravi brings life to the young IPS Officer role.. His conviction towards his goal is very believable..
#ThaniOruvan [3.75/5]: A well-made, intelligently written, engaging thriller.. That is enhanced by the convincing performance of the cast..

Khushbusundar ‏Wrote
#ThaniOruvan is simply outstanding I blve..my girls hve bn raving abt it..dey say it's @actor_jayamravi best till date..cant wait 2 watch it

Kannan Tweeted
#ThaniOruvan - Director Mohan Raja has executed it neatly except 4 small drag post interval. AGS got another winner, on a roll this year!
#ThaniOruvan - Solid script work & strong dialogues by writer duo Subha! Hip Hop Tamizha's music and Ramji's cinematography in sync.
#ThaniOruvan - Arvind Swami totally stole the show as cool villain! Power packed performance by Jayam Ravi, Nayanthara & support cast good.
#ThaniOruvan - Fantastic action thriller with gripping screenplay, perfect casting & superb production values. Go watch it! (8/10)

Lingeshwaran Wrote
@actor_jayamravi watched #Thanioruvan just now.felt like watched Thuppaki.Sema thriller!Felt like watched diff movie
@actor_jayamravi Thaarumaaru movie going in jet speed. Sema story nd movie ended with good message. msg wel received

Sidhu Wrote
In for #ThaniOruvan. A film I've looking forward to. Hope it lives up to the hype.
#ThaniOruvan Interval: Something different. A new-age thriller which is fairly engaging so far. Lots of data
#ThaniOruvan: Dwells on the undercurrent between Jayam Ravi and Arvind Swami who come up with fine performances. Solid role for Nayan too.
#ThaniOruvan: Wonder why Jayam Raja has been doing remakes all along if he can deliver stuff like this. Some superbly thought out scenes.
#ThaniOruvan: Brain train. Though it lacks clarity in narration, it works as a mind game thriller which doesn't bore you out. Go watch.

Vishwa ‏Wrote
#ThaniOruvan A brilliant script well executed without any lag in screenplay, this film will take "Remake Raja" tag off from @jayam_mohanraja

Raisa Nasreen
#ThaniOruvan: Somebody give Aravind Swamy a medal. He sets the tone of the film. What fun watching #JayamRavi and him battle!

Ck Mohammed Wrote
#ThaniOruvan : @actor_jayamravi is perfect as a cop, flawless dialogue delivery. Stunner so far in his career.
#ThaniOruvan : #Nayanthara is HOT & BOLD, Solid character role for her. Loved her romance scenes with @actor_jayamravi
#ThaniOruvan : @hiphoptamizha top notch BG score, goosebumps throughout.
#ThaniOruvan : love for a villain after a long time, @thearvindswami has nailed it completely. The name 'SIDDHARTH ABIMANYU' will be forever
#ThaniOruvan : Strong story plot, bold dialogues, impressive screenplay & perfect execution.

Bala Hariharan Posted
#ThaniOruvan - On the whole !
Worth for the money
Watch out in theatres
Entertainment + big plot of story is there !
@actor_jayamravi :)

Karthik Cop Posted
@actor_jayamravi #ThaniOruvan is sure shot for you!! Brain made thing Though some lags but didn't let us bore. Dialogues are awesomatics!

Kollywood Cinema Posted
#Thanioruvan Very Good First Half.. @actor_jayamravi Dialogue delivery awesome. @thearvindswami dream comeback. What a fantastic performance

Surendhar MK Wrote
Half way through #ThaniOruvan. What a brilliant film. Jayam Raja is breaking stereotypes scene by scene. Loving it.
#ThaniOruvan is one of the very few *mainstream* films that outsmarts the predictiveness of discerning movie-goers. You predict. You fail.

One Kollywood Tweeted
#ThaniOruvan 1st half. For a change loved the heroine's characterization. 1st half is good. Hope the 2nd half makes justice.
#ThaniOruvan 1st half. Its more of mind games n intelligence. No raw fights n people fyling stunts. Neat screenplay n narration.
#ThaniOruvan 1st half. Expecting the 2nd half to be a cat & mouse game between hero n villain. 2nd half holds the key. No romantic song pls.
#ThaniOruvan 1st half. Gripping screenplay. Good music. Neat performances by @actor_jayamravi . Expected a better intro for Arvind Swamy.

Haricharan Pudipeddi Wrote
#ThaniOruvan has turned out to be so good so far that it doesn't feel like another Jayam Ravi film. Impressive. Interval
Icing on the cake in #ThaniOrivan has to be Thambi Ramaiah's role. Now that's how you effectively include comedy in a film. Too good
Arvind Swami is fantastic in #ThaniOruvan. But I really wish he doesn't end up doing similar roles. Important tht he doesn't get stereotyped
Length is never an issue for a great film. Even at 160 mins #ThaniOruvan not even for a min felt boring.
Jayam Ravi cleanses all the crap he's starred in recent times with #ThaniOruvan. Terrific good versus bad story with a twist. Well done
Shiv Tweeted

#ThaniOruvan A one-of-its-kind new age Action Thriller in Tamil Cinema .. Loved every bit of it :) Detailed review coming up soon ... :)

Raj Dileeban Wrote
Best dialogues ever: @actor_jayamravi un yethiri yaar endru therinthaal thaan un thaguthi ennavendru theriyum... Must watch #ThaniOruvan..
#ThaniOruvan is the first movie in 2015 which is worth of your money as well as worth of your tym. Congrats @actor_jayamravi @hiphoptamizha

Sridevi Sreedhar Posted
Watching #ThaniOruvan morning show on Onam day. Interval now. @actor_jayamravi 's Best in recent time#Nayanthara rocks .Taut thriller

VJ Abishek Posted
After years a movie with absolute silence! #Thanioruvan is an unanimous winner. Eye to detail and remarkable smartness of the script wins!

Babu Vj Tweeted
#ThaniOruvan is another Blockbuster for Raja after Velayudham @actor_jayamravi @jayam_mohanraja @hiphoptamizha

Thalapathy_8787 Posted
@Thalapathy_8787 Hi Hop ---dhi is irritating.. Modifying manKatha BGM n playing it for Arvind swamy who looks like ajith
Ravi giving more space to Arvindswamy. Where he looks hotter thanajith.1st half. #ThaniOruvan

Suganth Posted
Just out of #ThaniOruvan. Quite impressive. @thearvindswami is flat-out fantastic.

Kiran Dhakshina Posted
#ThaniOruvan a #mustwatch. #mohan brothers rocked it. A story empowering that good spirit ll win. However @thearvindswami steels the show.

Chandru Tweeted
#ThaniOruvan what a movie.....3 years hardwork of @jayam_mohanraja shown in the screen....@actor_jayamravi just nailed the role...sure hit

Anjana Rangan Tweeted
Whoa !!! Loved every bit of #ThaniOruvan Brilliantly made cop story..Raja sir has nailed it @actor_jayamravi @hiphoptamizha @thearvindswami

Arvind Shanmugam Posted
#ThaniOruvan Is Simply Superb Arvind Swamy Vera level . Thanks @KollywudCinema for the opportunity to Watch the Movie with Whole Team.