Thanda Paani or chilled water might be no big deal for generation Alpha in 2021 but only the 90s kids or early millennials know how far they'd go to quench their thirst for a sip of iced water back then.

Album cover
Released in 1992, the album sold around 4 million copies making Baba Sehgal a household name.

Way before Ranveer Singh claimed his love for desi rap music through his award-winning performance in Gully Boy, Baba Sehgal had rocked a million hearts or rather rapped a million hearts in the early 90s through his iconic song Thanda Thanda Paani.

So what, if it reminded them of the then famous Vanilla Ice number, Ice Ice Baby, also released in the 90s. For many fans, it's a pure piece of nostalgia with sepia-toned hues, cassette tapes, and sleaze-free entertainment. 

The song that has been viewed on Youtube more than 4 million times might have only 7.8k likes but hasn't been disliked yet by anyone. Well, that's the charm of Baba Sehgal which came very close, years later, to the upbeat rants of rap artiste Devang Patel. 

Earlier in October this year, the Indian singer who turns a year older today, announced his upcoming book which would follow the success of Thanda Thanda Paani. 

Announcing the news, an Economic Times article said, popular rapper Baba Sehgal will pen his debut book 'Thanda Thanda Paani' in which he will revisit iconic music moments that defined the Indie pop scene in the 90s. 

"It's apt that we have chosen to title the book, 'Thanda Thanda Paani' because this song marked the end of my struggle and the beginning of my career in the music industry. I discovered the rapping culture of the west and experimented with it in 'Thanda Thanda Paani'. The song became so iconic that it went on to sell 1 million copies," Baba told ET.

The singer thanked his fans in absolute Baba Sehgal style for showering him with good wishes on his birthday.

Replying to his tweet, a fan wrote: "You look same as twenty years back. Hope that you had great celebration!!! Be safe and drink thanda thanda pani."