Producer Keyyar has stated that Vijay is the biggest actor in Kollywood in terms of business and audience reach in Tamil Nadu, overtaking the likes of Rajinikanth and Ajith Kumar. He has indicated that the Thalapathy has no competition at this stage as his movies are performing way better than the films of other actors.

According to Keyyar, Vijay has a huge market and his movies are consistently performing well at the box office. In fact, the actor has biggest reach than Rajini's films in their home territory of Tamil Nadu.

Vijay Could Pull Audience to Theatre with Average Content
He says, "If the content is good, the film obviously does well, but in case of Vijay, he could pull the audience to theatres even with average content. It is because his movies do not cater to a particular section of audience. There are young audience who love to watch his film, there is family audience and kids too would love to watch his movies. It is a rare combination which is working in favour of him and Rajinikanth sir had this before,"

Keyyar further said that if there is list on top actors at the box office, Vijay would occupy the first and second positions and the rest comes thereafter.

Vijay vs Rajinikanth vs Ajith
Vijay's the only actor who could pull audience to theatre even with average content: KeyyarPR Handout

Has Bigil Collected Rs 300 crore at Box Office?
Keyyar adds that Bigil has done extraordinary business. "It has performed better than Baahubali 2 and made over Rs 75 crore (share) in the state. It has collected over Rs 8 crore and Kerala and Rs 10 crore in Karnataka," he added.

On asking whether Bigil has breached into Rs 300-crore club, he thinks that the collection of the Vijay and Nayanthara-starrer might be exaggerated to some extent and believes the Atlee-directorial would have collected around Rs 280 crore.