Wikileaks Founder Assange waving last June from the window of Ecuador's London embassy/Reuters

Even as members of Sweden's parliament have been stepping up pressure on prosecutors to question Julian Assange on the sexual allegations he faces in the country, Assange in a Wikileaks affidavit has claimed that text messages between the two alleged victims prove his innocence.

In the affidavit, which has been published on the WikiLeaks website, Assange tries to prove his innocence, citing the text message sent by the alleged victims.

Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, has been living at Ecuador's embassy in London since the Latin American country granted him political asylum in the summer of 2012. He was arrested in the UK in December 2010 on a European Union-wide warrant requested by Sweden, over the rape and molestation allegations.

The allegation is that Assange raped one woman and molested another, during a visit to Stockholm in 2010. However, the affidavit has one alleged victim saying in a text message that "it was the police who made up the charges". The text message further adds that she "did not want to put any charges on JA but that the police were keen on getting a grip on him".

Assange has long maintained that the Swedish investigation is politically motivated and backed by Washington for speeding up his extradition to the US, where he claims he would be charged for publishing thousands of classified US government documents. The affidavit notes that the victim texted that she was "chocked [sic] when they arrested JA because she only wanted him to take a [STD] test".

Further quoting from the 'Agreed Facts' filed to the UK Supreme Court, the affidavit noted: "During his visit he [Assange] had sexual intercourse with two women [AA and SW]. After AA and SW spoke to each other and realised that they had both had intercourse with the Appellant during the currency of his visit in circumstances where respectively they had or might have been or become unprotected against disease or pregnancy, SW wanted the Appellant to get tested for disease. On 20th August 2010 SW went to the police to seek advice. AA accompanied her for support. The police treated their visit as the filing of formal reports for rape of SW and molestation of AA."

The affidavit also gives out screen-shot link to the Twitter page of AA, who claimed that Assange never raped her. The actual tweet post, however, has been deleted.

In the most recent move, the Swedish government, which is yet to formally charge Assange, is mulling over a proposal to send prosecutors to the UK, to follow-up on the sexual misconduct inquiry.