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The days of carrier pigeons are back. This time around it's under mysterious circumstances near the Indo-Pak coastal border in Gujarat. And it has alerted the state's anti-terrorism squad apart from the coast guard, forensic experts and the forest department.

A pigeon was detained and the union home ministry informed about its mysterious landing after suspicious items were recovered from both its legs, a chip from one and ring with a code from the other.

However, nothing conclusive has come out from the exercise and the probe into the mystery pigeon is still on, according to the two-page report sent to the home ministry, reports Hindustan Times.

The police station at Vadinar Marine took charge of the pigeon after making a diary entry.

The pigeon was first seen on 20 March in Gujarat's Devbhumi Dwarka district, about five nautical miles from the shore of Salaya Essar jetty.

A security guard at the jetty found that the pigeon was carrying a chip in one of its legs and the number 28733 written in a ring in the other.

The chip had 'Benjing Dual' written on it, while 'Rasul-Ul-Allah' was found written (in Arabic) on the wing of the pigeon.

The jetty guards handed over the pigeon to the coast guard, after the latter was asked to join the investigation.

According to the preliminary report of the local police, 'Benjing Dual' is used as a reference for pigeon race in some foreign countries.

The report also said that the pigeon might have reached the shore of Salaya Essar jetty in search of drinking water.