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Terminator: Dark Fate will see the return of Sarrah Connor and T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) but their nemesis from Judgement Day, Skynet, will not be the enemy in the upcoming film. Instead, a new network posing a similar threat will be the big bad.

The movie will follow the events of the 1991 Judgement Day and are ignoring the rest of the sequel stories to complete the arc on their terms this time. 

Fandango recently got to interview Dark Fate director Tim Miller, who spoke about completing Sarah Connor's arc. Moreover, Journalist Erik Davis also got to learn that the new network, which will be Skynet's replacement, is called 'Legion'.

The humans in the future are being threatened by Legion. But using the technology stolen from the enemy, humans are enhancing themselves to fight back. Mackenzie Davis plays one of those enhanced humans sent back in time to protect a young girl from a different new version of Terminator (Gabriel Luna).

Terminator T-800
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Miller gave away some details about the Dark Fate plot stating that the movie will be addressing the same issues as the first two Terminator movies - stopping Judgement Day and the rise of machine and learning that there's stopping AI.

"Well, I would say that the first two movies were about stopping judgment day and the rise of the machines. And I would say that this movie is about stopping judgment day and the rise of the machines, because what you find is that at the end of T2 Sarah thought that her actions may have averted judgment day, but it didn't. And what we find in our movie is that the rise of AI is inevitable and judgment day is inevitable. She just kicked the can down the road," he said.

Terminator: Dark Fate hits theatres on November 1.