Like every other girl across the world, 6-Year-Old Avery is also a huge fan of "Frozen", especially the brave princess Anna, who loves her sister unconditionally.

Avery was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour last month, and the amazing Kristen Bell, who voices Princess Anna in the Disney movie, called her young fan to cheer her up. The touching video, which was shared by Avery's father Brandon Huffman, has been liked by viewers across the world with most of them admitting it teared them up.

Bell introduces herself as Anna in the voicemail and said that she was calling to say "hello" and congratulate her on being such a "good girl" and "so brave". She further made Avery an honorary princess at the behest of her sister Princess Elsa. Bell made the message exceptionally sweet and touching by referring to Avery's friends and even her pet/toy bunny "Hoppy Jumpy".

A  friend of Huffman knows someone who works with Bell. He reportedly set it up after finding out that Avery is a huge fan of "Frozen". 

Huffman shares Avery's journey daily via Caring Bridge Website. However, he is not permitted to upload the video directly to the site, so he uploaded it on YouTube, from where he could post it on Caring Bridge. The video, however, unexpectedly went viral and made many people, including Huffman, fans of Kristen Bell.

Candace Cameron Bure aka TJ from "Full House" and the upcoming "Fuller House" also rang Avery, according to Huffman's log. To donate to "AVERY'S FUND", and help her parents with the ongoing expenses of her treatment, visit TalbertFamilyFOundation.