Sunny Leone Arbaaz Khan tera Intezar
Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan in Tera Intezar


MOVIE: Tera Intezaar

CAST: Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan

DIRECTOR: Raajeev Walia

GENRE: Romantic supernatural film

Both Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan were off from the big screen for quite some time when it comes to playing the lead characters in films is concerned. Although they were better that way, the two decided to make a comeback with Tera Intezaar, which I don't understand why the makers even made at the first place. It is one of the most stupid supernatural films I have ever watched.


Veer (Arbaaz Khan) is an artist, who paints a beauty just by following his imagination. Right after making the painting, he comes across a girl, Rounak (Sunny Leone), with the same face!

The director did not want to waste much time before showing their courtship (as if a masterpiece was going to follow). So, the two fall head over heels in love right after just one greet and meet session. Also, any normal girl would freak out to know that a stranger made her painting without even seeing her once. However, Rounak finds it very cute.

When everything is going perfect in Rounak and Veer's lives, a gang of antagonists played by Aarya Babbar, Salil Ankola, Bhaini Singh and Hanif Noyda come to ruin the party. They are Rounak's partners whom she sells exclusive paintings for business deals.

As Veer is an exceptional painter (as the director would want us to believe), Rounak somehow convinces him to showcase his paintings to the four. However, they had the wicked intention of stealing all his paintings. Veer and the four white collar crooks suddenly go missing, leaving Rounak wandering around in search of her man. She then gets hold of a lady (Sudha Chandran), who is capable of communicating with spirits, and sets off to solve the mystery. To know what happens next, you have to watch the film.

Sunny Leone Arbaaz Khan Tera INtezar Trailer
Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan in Tera IntezaarMovie Stills


There are many scenes in Tera Intezaar that will make you wonder why you even thought of watching the movie. First, the ghost in the film is so powerful that even "VALAK" (The evil in Conjuring 2) would suffer inferiority complex. After throwing the antagonists into the paintings, and leaving them in an unreal world, the ghost comes up with some very weird ideas of scaring them.

At one point of time, they pluck mangoes from a tree in the "different world", and they freak out to see one of the mangoes floating in the air, and staring at them. In another instance, they hear some lion roars while walking down a jungle, and guess what the female baddie says? "Ye aawaz kuch jaani pehchaani lag rahi hai, shayad sher ki hai!" The film is full of such sequences that will make you lose your mind.

And yes, there is one person who plays the character of Rounak's brother-in-law. His jokes and way of talking will rub salt on the wounds of the hapless audience. 

Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone in Tera Intezar


Sunny and Arbaaz's chemistry is undoubtedly one of the worst in the history of Bollywood. As far as acting is concerned, Sunny should definitely stick to just dance numbers. Apparently, Arbaaz too got inspired by his co-actress, as his performance is horribly bad too. While the storyline and the weird things happening in the movie will leave you in shock, the performances of the other cast leave you cursing the moment you decided to watch the movie.  


Well, I tried but could not find a single good thing about the film apart from just one song video "Barbie Girl" that also pops up in a very absurd manner. In fact, songs in the film are extremely forced and make things worse.

Sunny Leone Arbaaz Khan
Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone kiss in Tera Intezar


Tera Intezaar is one example of how to make a bad movie. After watching the film, you might feel that the makers deliberately created such a disaster because everything from script to performances, from direction to dialogues, is so badly done. There are certain twists and turns that will just mess up an already messed-up movie.


It is undoubtedly one of the most horrible films of the year, or one in many years. Tera Intezaar was definitely not worth your 'intezaar.' Even if you are Sunny Leone fan, I would suggest you drop the idea of watching this movie because, you might feel your brain floating in air just like that haunted mango.