Roger Federer, Roger Federer's resurgence, Federer in 2017
Roger Federer.Reuters.

There has been an element of dominant Roger Federer in 2017. The former world No. 1 has played some breathtaking tennis this season, winning the Australian Open, Indian Wells Masters and Miami Open.

Federer missed the second half of last season due to knee injury, but after making a comeback in 2017, he has been in majestic form. One is witnessing the Federer of old, playing sublime tennis, bowling over spectators and experts.

Everyone knew he still has it in him, but to defy all odds, and win three titles in the four competitions he has participated, it is genius.

The Swiss ace explained as to what happened during his absence from the game. He got rejuvenated, and the new Federer is rolling back the years. 

"I had a great buildup. I got really rejuvenated and fresh and ready, and excited to come back on tour again. And I was finally able to speak differently to the press and everybody, and just tell everybody how little expectations I really have. Because for the last 15 years I always said, more or less, 'I want to win the next tournament I enter,' because that was reality. Because of this injury, it sort of reset everything, and it was a beautiful thing," quoted Federer as saying.

Roger Federer, Federer in 2017, Federer's resurgence
Roger FedererReuters

There seems to be a no fear factor in his playing style now. He just wants to enjoy the game of tennis, and when he does that, the rest of us can just sit back, relax and enjoy his magic on the court.

He had a brilliant hard-court season, and has not played any after his Miami Open win in April.

Federer is expected to feature in the second grand slam of the competition, French Open, which could be an exciting affair. Remember, Federer might not be the greatest clay court player, but then he has defied everything this season to win titles. Can he win the French Open 2017 as well?

Well, well, time will tell.